The best online casinos in France

Online casinos have become popular in recent years around the world and particularly in France. Indeed, online casinos offer more advantages than physical casinos. You have the opportunity to play casino games from home enjoying a certain comfort. You have the opportunity to analyze your bets to make the best choice.

With an online casino, you have hundreds of games at your disposal. You no longer need to move from one casino to another depending on the games you want to play. Some online casinos offer more than 500 games on a single platform, you will not have to get bored.

Since online casinos spend less tax than traditional casinos, you are eligible for bonuses on different occasions. This is how you will receive welcome bonuses, loyalty bonuses or bonuses during parties. For example, you can benefit from thousands of euros for a welcome bonus.

Given the success of online casinos, various bookmakers have entered the French market. We decided to present you the best online casinos in France

The best online casinos in France
Jackpot City
This bookmaker is one of the most famous in the world. If it is appreciated it is good because it offers not only quality games but also jackpots of several million. For all your concerns, you also have 24/7 customer service to assist you. In addition, you can download the application on Android or iOS for your smartphones with a bonus of 1600 € to welcome.

Wild Sultan

Wild Sultan is famous for its design thousand and one night. It’s a platform 2.0 where you will discover innovative games with more than 200 casino games of all kinds. In addition, Wild Sultan Casino welcomes its new customers by offering a bonus of 500 €.

All Slots

All Slots is an online casino specialized in slot machines however you have hundreds of online casino games waiting for you. To welcome its customers, the bookmaker offers 1500 € to enjoy the games on the platform.

Platinium Play

You will not be insensitive to its elegant design. In addition to hundreds of games, the casino offers € 800 to start on the platform. You will discover both classic games and innovative games.

Spin Casino

Spin Casino is one of the largest online casinos in the world and especially in France. You have a multitude of games at your disposal and a welcome bonus of 1000 € after your first deposit.

Euro Palace

One of the most famous online casinos on the European market. The platform specializes in classic games, gaming games, innovative games and jackpots. A whopping € 600 is offered by the bookmaker after your registration and deposit to welcome new customers. In addition, a quality customer service is available h24 to assist you and respond to your concerns.


This online casino ensures the security of your funds by digitized devices. You have hundreds of games in perspective of what to spend hours on the app without getting bored. It also offers generous bonuses not only to welcome but for many occasions. However a sum of 200 € is offered for new customers.

Casino De NeuchÂtel To Offer Online Games

The Casino de Neuchâtel will offer an online gaming site in French, German and Italian in the summer. This new project will create a dozen jobs in Neuchâtel on the premises of the establishment.

“The process for obtaining permission to operate an online gaming site is underway with the Federal Gaming Commission. The name of the site has been determined but we still have some suspense before its official announcement, “said Monday the Casino Neuchâtel.

The site will offer all the usual games of a casino. The collaboration between the Casino de Neuchâtel and the online games “will be close because the direction will be the same” for both entities, adds the establishment.

This development follows the acceptance by the Swiss population of the new law on gambling on June 10, 2018. The Casino de Neuchâtel wanted to offer “an online gaming platform to offset the ban on foreign operators” .

How to avoid scams on online casinos?

Online casinos are becoming more popular. More and more Internet users spend more and more time there. However, they are not allowed in France. These French-language online casinos often come from Canada, Belgium or Switzerland. The users are never worried by this law but, if they happen a problem, the French justice will not come to their aid. So it is very important to know how to avoid the scams of some online casinos.

Learn about different certifications

If French legislation decided to ostrich face the new habits of the French in their consumption of online games of chance, this is not the case for many other French-speaking countries. As a result, if you can not count on the support of French legislation, you can rely on that of these other countries.

Thus, even though online casinos are allowed in these countries, they are still subject to strict legislation that requires them to register and justify their winnings. Similarly, the operation of their site and the algorithms used are subject to specific laws. To make sure that all these laws are respected, you just have to find on the site the official label of the registration of the platform with the concerned authorities.

Beware of automated online gambling

Playing with live dealers will always be the best way to make sure you do not get ripped off by the casino. Why ? Because the problem of totally computerized gambling is that you are never really sure whether it is a coincidence. Even the real slot machines contain software that forbids them to make more money than they earn in the day!

When you play online table games, you can never be sure that the same kind of program is not applied. On the other hand, playing with live dealers, that is, playing in front of the live video of a dealer who distributes cards in a real casino, allows you to be sure not to be ripped off. In addition, as these dealers are connected to a real estate casino, you can be sure that it is closely watched.

Search forums and comparators online

This is a technique that is a bit artisanal, but still efficient. By searching the forums that deal with this subject, you will find valuable opinions and feedback on many online casinos. Thus, you will be easily alerted against the scams of some online gambling sites. Do not hesitate to use online comparators that will give you an idea of ​​the most reliable sites.

Of course, no casino does and will never be unanimous. You must learn to balance things out and not be discouraged by negative criticism or catastrophic feedback. So read carefully as many returns as possible on the casino that interests you to find the necessary information.